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Overview of Swat Museum


Swat Museum
According to Buddhist scriptures, Buddha himself visited Swat. Therefore, this area is full of Buddhist archeology. At present, there are over 400 Buddhist stupas and monasteries in the 160 square kilometer area of Swat.
While in the seventh century AD, according to the famous Chinese traveler Song, at that time there are 1400 monasteries in Swat. 6000 in Swat according to the 4th century AD traveler Fahin
I believe there were. The ancient and historical artifacts discovered have been kept in the Swat Museum. A visit to this museum helps a lot in understanding Buddhism and Gandhara culture. This museum is located in Saidowsharif.
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Spread over an actor of great architecture, this area has the best archeology. The artifacts discovered here are kept in a specially built museum in Italy.
Many sculptures and monuments are still in excellent condition. Can come and see it with a local person. Because the middle path sometimes causes problems.
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This archeological Buddhist temple is located in the area of Ibat Kadha No. 2 near Bat Kadha No. 1. And is located at a slightly higher altitude. It is better to take a local person with you.


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