Ranikot Fort Sindh

Overview of Ranikot Fort


Ranikot Fort
This fort, which has the honor of being the largest fort in the world, despite its uniqueness, is also a source of interest and mystery for people because it is not mentioned anywhere in history.
Nor is there any plausible justification for the construction of this fort in the mountains and deserts of Kir Thar. This fort is called the Super Natural Wonder Of Sindh. It is a monument of the ancient
era in the Taluk and Daq deserts. Alexander the Great, and Chandragupta Maurya also contributed to its construction. If you enter inside the fort, you will see two castles that are built on top of each other.
The lower fort is called “Meri” and the upper fort is called “Sher Gash”. It is built at a height of 1480 feet above the sea level. It is believed that this fort dates back to the time of the Aryans.
Arriving. The same chain-wall architecture was brought with them to India by way of Gilgit and Taxila. There is a striking similarity between the wall of China and the wall of this fort.
The height of the wall of Ranikot fort is 30 feet while the height of the chain wall is 26 to 30 feet. The length of the wall of Ranikot fort is 32 km. As soon as you enter the fort,
the stove reminds you of the Hindu era. A fine pre-colored stone block is inscribed with texts in the ancient language. The body of the fort wall is made of limestone and rock.
Dadu se bin jaane han is ahead of hun, the kilometer path is sandy. A jeep ride from Sun is more convenient


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