20 best places to visit in Punjab

Pakistan’s most populated province, Punjab, is home to five rivers. Since ancient times, this lovely lush land has been the center of civilization. In the region of South Asia, it has always played a significant role. It draws people worldwide because of its lush terrain and agricultural-friendly environment. It also has a lovely landscape and plenty of natural beauty to offer. Punjab has many lovely spots that add to the region’s natural beauty. In this article, the manaky team will take you on a tour of some of Punjab’s most gorgeous and culturally and historically significant locations.

Here are the 20 best places to visit in Punjab:

1. Lahore


Historically and culturally, Lahore is the capital and the most important city in Punjab. It is also known as Pakistan’s heart. This ancient city, located on the banks of the Ravi River, has a great history, diverse culture, and heritage.

It has many to offer visitors about the gorgeous and historically significant areas. Many ancient structures and gardens from the Mughal and British Raj eras may be found in this city. In Lahore, you can go to family entertainment spots.

2.Changa Manga 


It is Pakistan’s largest purposefully planted forest, 60 kilometers southwest of Lahore. This lovely forest was planted during the British Raj in the 1860s on a wide area of about 50 kilometers squared. It’s a nice picnic location and a popular tourist destination. It contains everything you need for a delightful visit, including a guesthouse and hotels. It offers walking trails where you may admire flora and fauna.

Boating on a lake, as well as a variety of other recreational opportunities for kids. It is a wildlife preserve that protects various animal and bird species. A miniature railway goes across the park, allowing tourists to explore the large area more easily. A one-of-a-kind spot for a tranquil picnic.



The mountain’s queen Murree is the major tourist attraction in Pakistan, not just in Punjab. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit this lovely hill station, located at an elevation of more than 2,000 meters.

Murree is a lively town with a wide range of tourist attractions, including hotels, restaurants, and various shopping options. In the summer, the forest-covered, lush green mountains create an enchanting backdrop. In the winter, when it snows, the snow-covered peaks give the place a fairytale feel. Its vicinity to Islamabad is a gateway, making it a popular tourist destination.



One of Punjab’s most stunning hill stations is located 15 kilometers southeast of Murree. The New Murree is another name for Patriata. It is less congested and more densely forested than Murree. Its most popular feature is a chairlift that connects to a cable car. Both of these facilities are among the best in Pakistan. The cable car’s final destination is a stunning location, a large slope covered in the pine forest. At the same time, it provides several opportunities for trekking, dining, shopping, horseback riding, and other activities. This is a must-see location.



Bhurban is a well-known resort town 10 kilometers east of Murree. It is famous for its serene and lovely surroundings. It’s a fantastic site for hiking trails in the Bhurban area, where you can enjoy trekking on trails through alpine woods and magnificent scenery. The PC Hotel in Bhurban is well known for its convenient location, attractive structure, and good amenities. Moreover, the scenery is simply breathtaking. There are no better places to stay in this area for a few days.



On the Chenab River, 20 kilometers north of Sialkot, is Head Marala, a canal headworks. It is a popular picnic spot with outstanding natural beauty, and tourists flock there in big numbers. The Chenab River enters the Punjab plains at this location, creating the most stunning panorama. Natural beauty abounds in the area surrounding the barrage. The barrage-created lake is a fantastic picnic place. Even in the summer, the weather is comfortable, and the lush green landscapes are particularly appealing. Many birds flock to the river’s marshes, which also serve as a refuge for wildlife such as deer.

7.Chashma Barrage

chashma barrage

About 20 kilometers south of Mianwali city is a well-known barrage on the huge Indus River. The massive lake formed behind the dam has been transformed into a fantastic picnic site that draws visitors from all over Punjab. It’s a lovely scene with the hills in the background. It is well-known for its restaurants, which provide a variety of delectable fish collected in the neighboring lake. In nice weather, this is an excellent spot for a picnic.

8.Kallar Kahar 

kallar kahar

On the M2 between Lahore and Islamabad, Kallar Kahar is a popular picnic site. It’s in the Salt Range and has a healthy climate. Its natural beauty is enhanced by a freshwater lake and the surrounding hills. It is trendy, and many people, particularly families, flock to it. It features all amenities that make a tourist destination attractive, including restaurants, stores, a rest stop, boats, horseback riding, and a variety of other kid-friendly attractions. A museum showcasing the region’s history and culture has also been established.

9.Fort Munro

fort munro

About 80 kilometers west of Dera Ghazi Khan, Fort Munro is a well-known hill station. It is one of the highest points in southern Punjab, with an elevation of almost 1,800 meters. It was created by the British in the late 19th century, like other hill stations, to offer a healthy and pleasant setting for its officials. It’s in the Sulaiman Range, which is generally barren but has some spectacular scenery. The hilltop is a large plateau with plenty of hiking, trekking, and recreational opportunities. It frequently receives snowfall, adding to its allure, and enormous crowds flock to see this natural wonder.



Multan, also known as the City of Saints, is an ancient city. It existed even during Alexander the Great’s invasion of the region. It has a significant history as well as a rich cultural legacy. Many historic monuments may be found in the city, including the fort, Ghanta Ghar Multan, numerous city gates, portions of the city wall, and the Vans Agnew obelisk. There are also several mausoleums, such as Shah Rukn e Alam, a great spiritual center and a building of significant architectural importance, Shah Ali Akbar’s Tomb, Shah Yusuf Gardezi’s Shrine, and others. In addition, there are numerous lovely parks including as Shah Shams Park, Multan Arts Council Park, Jinnah Park, and others.

11.Hiran Minar

Hiran Minar

A magnificent historical site close to Sheikhupura is well-known throughout Pakistan. There are two monuments in this old compound. The first is a tower called the Hiran Minar, and the second is a lovely pavilion that is situated in a lovely pond. In honor of his beloved deer, the Mughal Emperor Jehangir erected the tower in 1606.

A few decades later, during the reign of the Emperor Shah Jehan, the pavilion was constructed. These monuments are surrounded by a lovely garden. This garden’s pond, pavilion, and tower are a sight to behold. It is located along the M2 and is only 50 kilometers from Lahore. The entire family can enjoy a day out at this location, which is perfect for a family picnic.

12.Ketas Raj

katas raj temples

At Ketas, 150 kilometers south of Islamabad, there is the historic and revered Hindu temple complex known as Ketas Raj. It is considered to be the location of the Pandava brothers’ banishment and is referenced in the epic poem Mahabharata. Its pond, in particular, is revered as sacred. This location has had temples since ancient times and continues to attract Hindu pilgrims from India. The adjacent buildings, notably the haveli of Sikh general Hari Singh Nalwa, had also been rebuilt, as have the temples. The surrounding area is incredibly picturesque, with lovely valleys and undulating hills. People appreciate the beauty of nature while also learning about the region’s history.



About 200 kilometers west of Lahore is the significant historical town of Bhera. It is easily accessible due to its proximity to the M2. Bhera was a significant city and one of the largest in Punjab, even during the reign of Mahmood Ghaznavi. Bhera once more grew in significance and became a significant commerce and administrative center under Sher Shah Suri and the Mughals. A mint was created, along with several stunning structures. Many lovely traditional homes with wooden doors and balconies, as well as ancient temples and gurdwaras, may be found there today. A huge mosque constructed by Sher Shah Suri is the area’s main draw. a top destination for anyone interested in heritage and cultural tourism.

14.Salt Mines of Khewra

salt mines of khewra

These second-largest mines in the world are a marvel of the natural world. These mines are located 175 kilometers south of Islamabad in the Salt Range area of Jhelum. Even from the time of Alexander’s arrival in the fourth century BC, salt deposits were found to be present in this region. These mines later became a major supplier of salt, and they were further exploited during the British period. In Punjab, it is a very well-liked tourist location. For the convenience of the visitors, a narrow-gauge railway travels through the mine. The mine’s inside is stunning, with numerous water ponds, enormous galleries, and a stunning display of colored lights all around. Salt bricks are used to construct some structures, such as a mosque and a replica of the Minar e Pakistan. It is, without a doubt, a fascinating and entertaining site to visit.

15.Noor Mahal (Bahawalpur)

Noor mahal

Bahawalpur was the capital of the former princely state of the same name, which was absorbed into Pakistan following independence. The progressive Nawabs of Bahawalpur constructed many of the buildings that still stand today, including palaces, hospitals, libraries, and schools. Noor Mahal, which was constructed in 1872 and is one of these magnificent structures, is an example. The edifice is well-preserved and the most stunning in the entire city. On a city tour, this is a must-see location.

16.Rohtas Fort

Rohtas fort

The fort of Rohtas is Pakistan’s most impressive military building. It was constructed by the legendary ruler Sher Shah Suri in the middle of the sixteenth century to defend against any attack from the northwest and is situated close to Dina, 115 kilometers from Islamabad. It is a massive edifice and a late medieval military architecture marvel. Many portions of the fort have been removed and made available to tourists while it is being rebuilt. There are numerous sights to see, including magnificent gates, old gurdwaras, and baolis. A nearby tourist resort offers additional recreational activities as well as a fantastic place to dine, appreciate nature, and relax.

17.Mangla Dam

mangla dam

Mangla Dam and the lake tucked among the verdant hills make for a lovely picnic location. Over the past few years, the location has become well-known as a prominent tourist destination in Punjab. It is a well-developed tourist destination with a variety of amenities such as hotels, restaurants, playgrounds, and other recreational opportunities to make your visit unforgettable. Its lovely lake is ideal for boating and other water activities. You are also invited on a trip to the nearby Ramgarh fort ruins. Simply a wonderful location for a picnic and leisure.



One of the principal centers of the Indus Valley Civilization, which is one of the oldest civilizations in history, was located at Harappa. During the building of a nearby railroad track in the 1920s, its remnants were found. Authorities quickly grasped the significance of the discovery. Its discovery shed insight on the valley’s ancient past and contributed to a better understanding of the Indus Valley Civilization as a whole. It is now a famous place around the entire globe, and there is a museum there that showcases ancient artifacts discovered during the excavation. A must-see for anyone interested in ancient history, particularly the history of the Indus Valley.

19.Soon Valley

soon valley

In the Khushab district, a fascinating valley is well-known for its natural beauty, including lakes, waterfalls, springs, hiking paths, and historical sites. Uchhali, Khabbeki, and Jhlar are three of the valley’s lovely picnic areas. Many animals and species, including cheetahs, rabbits, and deer, call the hills home. There are several historical sites there, including the ancient city of Tulaja, the ancient Amb temples, and many others. Tourists can visit several gardens, like Kanheti Garden, to take in the gorgeous scenery. A night’s stay at several guest and rest homes is reasonably priced.

20.Nankana Sahib

nankana sahib

The birthplace of Guru Nanak Ji, the famous town of the Punjab Nankana Sahib, is located near Lahore. Guru Nanak was the founder of the Sikh religion and was celebrated all around the world. Tourists around the globe came here to visit this sacred place. A fantastic resource for learning about the Sikh religion and Punjab’s history. The area is also quite valuable in terms of culture and heritage. A tourist can learn the value of religious and cultural peace.


Visitors can find a number of attractions in Punjab, a country with a rich history and culture. This article will assist you in making decisions and organizing a wonderful journey that suits your preferences. Along with its culturally and historically significant landmarks, Punjab has some stunning locations that we have visited.

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