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Overview of Khaplo Fort Residence


Khaplo Fort Residence

About seven hundred years old, this ancient and historical fort was actually the personal piece of the ruler of the former state of Khaplo. This palace is the oldest example of Tibetan-style architecture in Pakistan. Now this palace has been converted into an international standard hotel with a unique architectural style. Which has become a favorite place of domestic and foreign tourists. The fort has excellent accommodation facilities as well as the best restaurants for a delicious work experience full of regional culture. The most unique feature of this fort is the multi-storied personal palace of the Raja of the state. It has now been converted into a museum. In this museum consists of numerous rooms, apart from khaplu, household items, weapons, clothes, furniture, utensils, jewelry, and many other things are kept for the purpose of understanding the regional culture of Baltistan. Especially the rare items used by the former royal family are also visible. Overall, it can be said that this museum of Khelo Fort Residence is the largest cultural museum of Gilgit-Baltistan.

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