Saidu Sharif Stupa

Overview of Saidu Sharif


Saidu Sharif Stupa
Located in Saidu Sharif Colony, these archaeological ruins belong to the 1st to 5th century BC.
Apart from the main stupa.
The sacred Buddhist area of Saidu stupa is dated back from the 1″ to the 5th century A.D.
It is composed of two main areas erected on vast terraces at different levels. The lower
terrace is dominated by the main stupa with a flight of steps on the northern side.
It is surrounded by minor monuments like votive stupas and viharas. The upper terrace
is a Monastery, rectangular in plan with an open courtyard surrounded by monastic cells.
The site was excavated by the ItalianArchaeological Mission with the collaboration of the
Department of Archaeology & Museums Government of Pakistan from 1963 onwards and conserved
later during the ACT Project with the support of the Directorate of Archaeology .


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