Swat Valley

Overview of Swat Valley PAKISTAN


Swat Valley PAKISTAN

The Land Of Alpine Wonders The Cradle Of Buddhist Gandhara Civilization
Swat has been the cradle of various civilizations, cultures, and ancient monuments. Swat is first mentioned in the Rigveda. Hindus believe that Ramchandraji cut his hair at the age of fourteen in Swat.
Swat” means heaven in the Jewish religion. It is the Vatican City of the Buddhists. According to the stories of the Buddhists, Gautama Buddha visited Swat with his own soul and had the same faith as
other Buddhist religious leaders. Puchi (Gautam II) was born in Swat. Today, Lamaism is the religion of Swat. This is the reason why there are fourteen hundred Buddhist monasteries on the banks of the Swat river alone.
The Aryans called it (FARE DWELLING PLACE). Alexander the Great came to Swat via Afghanistan in 327 BC. He was wounded for the first time in history during a battle with the tribes here. This wound later caused his death.
Seeing the bravery of the people of Swat, Alexander’s mouth From these historical phrases came out: “Mother, you have given birth to an Alexander. And here behind every stone lies an Alexander.” Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi
conquered the entire valley a thousand years ago. The mosque built by Ghaznavi is still in Odegram today. There is. Syed Ak Barshah, Akhund of Swat Syed and Baba, Abdul Jabbar Shah, Mian Gul Abdul Wadud, and the last Mian:
Gul Abdul Haq Jahanzeb built the state on modern lines. July 29, 1969. The state of Swat was integrated into Pakistan.
According to famous historian Muhammad Parvesh Shaheen, what is Swat Valley? There is a procession of beauty! Mir’s Ghazal is Khayyam’s Rubai! There is a story that is more interesting and fascinating than the story of Alf Lailti.
Some have blessed him with the title of Firdous Brien, while some have declared him as the angel of heaven. Some call it the Switzerland of the East. All this is true because of the lush dense forests, the sky-high and snow-clad
mountains, the murmuring streams, rivers, and waterfalls on the peaks of the mountains, earn tribute from everyone due to their beauty, beauty, and grandeur. With orchards full of fruits, and valleys laden with vibrant flowers, Swat has a
tourist season throughout the year. The best season for tourism is May to November while the tourist and rush season is June to August.


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