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Overview of Haripur| Khanpur



Haripur is the first central city of Hazara on the Silk Road. It was founded in 1823 by Maharaja Hari Nagi Matmoh during the Sikh rule. This city of gardens, fruits, and flowers is also known for its black hills. The artisans and skilled workers here cut the stones of the black mountains and make various objects with manual skills and engrave on these stones. Archaeological finds in the nearby region of Taxila have unearthed numerous artifacts, which show that the art of engraving was at its peak thousands of years ago. Which made it unique from others.


The area of Khanpur, southeast of Haripur, is famous for its malt. In addition to Malte, loquat, cano, and good are also found in the gardens here. A beautiful dam has also been built at Khanpur. Which is also an excellent tourist spot apart from the water store page. The dam’s lake offers facilities for fishing, boating, coring, surfing, or king and other sports.


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