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Overview of Valley of Kailash


Valley of Kailash (Fairyland)

Historians have disagreed about this. These people call themselves the descendants of Alexander the Great. According to tradition, when Alexander the Great attacked this area, while passing through here,
some of the wounded soldiers of his forces stayed there along with their families. And from there this tribe was raised. According to another tradition, these people belong two hundred years before Christ
and they belong to the Afghan province of Nuristan. The religion of the people of Kailash is a combination of various rituals. They believe in many goddesses, gods, heaven, hell, charity, idolatry, and so on.
You stay there only as a tourist and avoid interfering with their religion
The Kailash Valley consists mainly of three parts. About 30 km from Chitral city comes to a small town called Aiwan. Which is the gateway to Kailash Valley. This entire area is located on the banks of the river Chitral.
From here the routes to the Kailash valley areas are Brier 34 km, Rambur 32 km, Bomburit 40 km. The bombing has the central position among them. Where the Kailash flows the most. From the double-check post on the right
is Rambur while on the left are Brier and Bomburit Valley. Pay some fees for entering Kailash Valley at the check post twice. If you walk towards Bomburit, the road starts widening. Pehlwanda, Kund Khas, and Ahmedabad have
a majority of Muslims. Whereas Kailash people are more populated in Kara Kaal, Anteer Braun, and Patihati. Shekhanda is a completely Muslim population. Bomburit itself has the most hotels and amenities for tourists.
Fewer people visit Rambor and Briar because they are not at high altitudes and their weather is also mild
It is not the same. But for quenching Kailash culture, and complete awareness, you should go to all three places. You can also go to Kailash from Chitral for a day but it is better to go from Chitral to Bomburit by jeep.
Leave the jeep driver and stay in a hotel for two or three days. Walk through the valley with a local guide. The local guide will take you to the home of a local Kailash and their shrine. Which will make it easier for you
to quench the Kailash culture. Rambor Valley is taller than other cats. There is a natural beauty, a beautiful lake, lush forests, an abundance of walnuts and grapes, a healing spring, and yes. Action Bibi, the first female
Kailash pilot also hails from here. In 1974, the Prime Minister of Greece, Pa Band U, visited Kailash during his visit to Pakistan, and seeing these people, he said: “The memory of Alexander the Great has been revived.”
You can enjoy the area But for this, you have to pay for some four components. Around the campfire on the hotel lawn surrounded by thick fragrant trees, in the early hours of the night, the sound of silence spread everywhere,
are But for this, you have to pay some four components. Around the campfire on the hotel lawn surrounded by thick fragrant trees, in the early hours of the night, the sound of silence spread everywhere,
the gentle music of the waterfall flowing nearby, and the sight of the Kailash dance taking the cold breeze. What will the environment be? Just imagine. The rising and setting of the sun,
the sound of the night, and the proximity of the cluster of stars are the intuitive scenes of Kailash

Some Kalash Traditions

Most of the men of the tribe are out of the area for livelihood. Due to this women have to bear the burden of Kailash rituals. After the death, the dead person’s house is closed.
His dead body is brought to a special community center where special pooja and dance are performed. Shrouds are placed around the body placed in the coffin.
The festival is celebrated by slaughtering flocks of sheep. This cycle continues intermittently for several days. Thus, the deceased leaves,
but those left behind are burdened with heavy expenses and debts. On certain days, women go to a special place on the bank of the river. No one can talk to them during this time.
Instead of burying their dead, these people put them in a wooden box and leave them in the nearby designated forest along with the personal belongings of the dead.
There it would rot, rot, smell, and perish. The Muslims there explained to them that the bones of their loved ones were desecrated due to the coffin breaking due to rain and weather changes,
so now they have also started sending their dead.

Kalash  Museum

Museum In 1994, Greek priest Prof. Tha Sooin built a museum in Bomburit valley to preserve Greek civilization and Kailash culture.


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