Pai Forest sindh

Overview of Pai Forest sindh


Pai Forest sindh
PIA Forest A dirt road to the left of the National Highway on the Skarund Bypass on the Karachi
to Nawabshah Road will take you to WWF’s beautiful Pichi Forest in 20 minutes. Ayub Khan,
Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Arab sheiks, and other famous people have visited this historical and
beautiful forest. You will be pleasantly surprised to see Ayub Bungalow Rest House located
in the middle of the forest. Apart from seventy types of birds, there are also different types
of animals in this forest. At various places in the forest, spots have been built for tourists
from where they can observe the wildlife up close. After the rains of August, there is a flood of
colors in the forest. The rest house is available for your stay.


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