Khairpur Sindh Pakistan

Overview of Khairpur Sindh


It was founded in 1783 by Mir Sohrab Khan Talpur. Before the creation of Pakistan, it was a semi-autonomous separate state.
It was annexed to Pakistan on 14th October 1955. Shah Latif University is a notable educational institution here.
Covering an area of sixteen thousand kilometers, this state related to the Tapur family remained intact
from 1775 to 1955 after the fall of the Mughals. Ali Murad Khan was its last ruler. The old historical
fort of Kot Dji is also located here. There is also a shrine of Sufi poet Kuchl Sarmast in Darzan Sharif.
Khairpur is a small town in the context of the present situation, but in the fifteenth century, it was the
largest city in the region. Members of the Talpur family were known as Mirs. Sukkur to Kot DG Fort Khairpur
city in one dar
One can go back after seeing Kuchle Murast Mazar. But for this, it is a condition that you have your own personal ride.
Known as the largest date market, Khairpur city is also located on the main railway line.


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