Thul Mir Rukan Sindh

Overview of Thul Mir Rukan Sindh


Thul Mir Rukan Sindh
Thal Mir is the only well-preserved Buddh Sopa in the Thal area, 15 km from Dolatpur on the national highway.
The thousands of years old buildings can also be reached via Qazi Ahmed Town
Thul Mir Rukan is located about 22 kilometers to the southwest of Bndhi Railway Station, about 13 K.M.
southeast of Daulatpur in District Nawabshah. The early history of the Thul is shrouded in obscurity with a
bit of legend connected with it. It is said that a king with no son wanted to preserve his name for
an endless time and was advised by his council of Ministers to erect this tower.


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