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Overview of Kalam Valley


Kalam Valley Swat

Kalam is situated 96 km from Mengurah city at an altitude of 6800 feet above sea level. Here River Atror and River Osho meet.
And it goes ahead and takes the name of the river Swat. Stay in Lam and camp in it and go on a jeep day trip to the upper valleys of Osho Mualman,
Mahudand, Gabral, Attur. In Kalam, you can easily find all kinds of hotels and bazaars for accommodation and food.
Kalam is ideal for hiking trekking and trout fishing. Many near the mosque bridge
People will see you sitting on all fours by the river and wading through the water. You too should be a part of this festival. But for that,
it will be necessary to order something from the cafe owner you are sitting on and keep eating. Kalam Path is open from April to November.
After that, travel beyond Bahrain becomes difficult due to snowfall. However, few hotels are open during snowfall.
Well-experienced Jeep drivers chain the tire and take it to Kalam. In this cold resort of Pakistan,
there is no need to run a fan even in June and July. Rather, one has to sleep under a blanket at night.


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