Nagarparkar Sindh

Overview of Nagarparkar Sindh


Nagarparkar Sindh

This area of Thar Par Karki Tehsil Nagar Parkar is also famous for its beautiful
peacocks and poisonous snakes. Close to the city are Makhan Bhatti Hamara Dhar,
Yoni, Shiva, and Ramla Peer temples to visit. These buildings are considered
to be the best examples of stone carving in the subcontinent. The holiest
pond of the Hindus of the subcontinent is located here. According to the old
books of Hindus, this pond contains the water of 74 Tirthas. One kilometer
south of this place there is a large Ganesha. Where a waterfall falls from a
height of forty feet from a mountain peak resembling a cow. Further on there
is a temple and a spring on a hill. Hindus consider the water of this spring
to be sacred and take it with them. A tribe here has been mourning the death
of its prince for seven hundred years. Interestingly, the film was shot in
the same region by Pakistani photographer Ram Chand. From Nagar Parkar, you
can also go back to Mirpur Khas via the same route. It will be better if
you make a mod for Umarkot. For this one can go to Umarkot via Gauri and
Chhacharo. And the route also passes near Nokot Fort.


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