Bhodesar Mosque Tharparkar Sindh

Overview of Bhodesar Mosque Tharparkar Sindh


Bhodesar Mosque Tharparkar Sindh

The house is 5 km northwest of Nagarparkar at the foot of the Kharghar hills.
This ancient region was earlier known for its prosperity and fine architecture. Many of
these hymns and buildings still remain. It was earlier known as Bhodhisringari. Here was
the residence of Queen Bodhi. He also made a beautiful pond of metal. According to
historians, Sultan Mahmud of Ghaznavi passed through this desert after conquering
Somnath in 1026 lost his way during the journey and came to this pond in search
of water. Two famous robbers of this region were Sudha and Khosa. He was repeatedly
complained to at Tughlaq’s court in Delhi. In 1504, Sultan Mahmud Jagra’s mother
was robbed by the same two robbers along with other passengers.
in 1505 He came with complete preparation and fought with these two robbers.
After winning the war, a beautiful mosque was built at this place. On the
banks of the pond are the samadhis of some famous chiefs and their
wives who were satiated with them.


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