Bara Dari Umer Kot Sindh

Overview of Bara Dari Umer Kot Sindh


Bara Dari Umer Kot Sindh

Birthplace of Mughal Emperor Akbar Azam and Bara Dari When Humayun was defeated by Sher Shah Suri, Humayun fled to his relative Tar Khan Mughal in Sindh. Akbar Azam was born on the 4th of Rajab, Sunday, from the womb of his wife Hamida Bano. On the birth of his son in Umarkot, Humayun sold the precious diamond he had and distributed it among the employees. A few days later, Humayun went to Iran alone. When Humayun recaptured Delhi, he had a twelve-door built at Akbar’s birthplace. It is two miles northwest of Bara Dari Umarkot. Romantic stories are also attributed to the city of Umarkot. One of them is that of Momal Rano whose descendants are popularly known as Moal Ji Maari.


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