Gabin Jabba Swat Pakistan

Overview of Gabin Jabba swat


Gina Jabba swat pakistan

There is a natural plain on the very beautiful hilltop which is covered with snow throughout the year.
To go to this valley of colorful flowers, one drive from the mouth to the Kurla Lalko Dara.
Horseback riding is best done with a local guide. Take food and drink with you.
Gabin Jabba (Pashto, which means in Pashto honey marshes, is located approximately 65 km from Mingora on Matta sakura road Swat Valley,
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is a province of Pakistan.[1] It is an area in Swat Valley, with green meadows, thick forests, snow-clad mountains,
mineral springs, and high peaks. Gabin Jabba’s elevation is 2582m (8471ft) from the sea level


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