Gori Temple Tharparkar Sindh Pakistan

Overview of Gori Temple Tharparkar Sindh Pakistan


Gori Temple Tharparkar Sindh Pakistan


Between Islamkot and Nagarparkar there is a temple in very good condition built of marble outside the village of Gori. This temple was built by a Jain merchant about six hundred years ago. This temple is an important symbol of unique architecture. The various legends point to its foundations by a rich Hindu merchant six hundred years ago. A more likely date is the middle of the 16th century. Though the impressive spire that typifies Jain temples fell in the earthquake of 1898, the rish frescoes in the main dome are still intact. Here can be seen princesses in royal coaches and elegant palanquins, equestrian processions, and bevies of dark-skinned beauties in flowing Rajasthani robes at their household chores. The pillar interior is marble of the purest white and masterfully crafted stucco plaster. But the sanctum sanctorum is empty. The Prasanth icon, believed to have been studded with one large diamond between its eyes and two smaller ones on its breasts, was removed from the temple in 1716 by Sutojee Sodha, ruler of Virawah. Its new location was kept secret by succeeding heads of the family, and wehn Punjajee Sodha was defeated and killed by Talpurs in 1831 the icon was lost forever.


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