Overview of bhulwa and umar marvi sindhi



This is the native village of Marvi, a symbol of respectable patriotism and chastity of this land.
Who did not accept any pressure or greed? Instead of becoming a queen, she preferred to accept a
life of poverty and problems in Khas Thar. Umar was the chief of Kot belonging to Umar Soor and Qum.
The people of Sindh considered him not only a ruler but also a spiritual leader
One day he was sitting in the court making judgments about people’s cases when a courtier came and
told him that in a village named Mir, there lives a very beautiful and beautiful girl named Marvi.
Umar was enthralled by hearing the beauty of Marwi from the words of this story-telling courtier.
He immediately ordered two camels and set off for Malir’s settlement, accompanied by his courtiers.
Which was a few miles away in the Thar desert
Marvi was engaged to her cousin Khet in her childhood. Both loved each other. But Umar intervened
between them and took Marvi away when she came to draw water at the well with her friends. Marvi
used to moan in life imprisonment. But Umar wanted to marry her. Marvi rejected Umar’s offer and
said, “Umar, your wealth and jewels are not even equal to the dust of my beloved’s feet.” Umar had
ordered that Marwi should be kept in prison until she agrees to the marriage.
On the other hand, Marvi’s weak parents were forced to take care of their daughter and drank blood
in silence. He reached Umarkot disguised as a fakir and somehow managed to meet Marvi. Both of them
came up with the idea that Marvi should visit the shrine outside the city. Someday Khat will drive
him back. Marvi made Umar happy by saying that if no one comes to pick him up for a month, he will
get married. So Umar removed the restrictions from her and Marwi started going to the shrine with
the women. Finally, one-day Khet saw an opportunity and took Marvi away. After that, Sardar Umar
tried hard but could not get Marvi. This story of chastity and betrayal is a permanent part of
Sindh culture.
According to some traditions, her fiance committed a shirk about her chastity, so the king swore on
the Quran about her chastity in court. According to some traditions, the king bid farewell to Marvi
from his palace by making Marvi his sister. In the village called Bhalwa, the well is still there
from where Marvi, the symbol of chastity, was abducted. (This is important because folk tales are
told from chest to chest. Therefore, there is a little change. Regarding the further folk tales
listed below, there may be some changes in traditions. Therefore, any tradition is 100% authentic.
Nothing can be said about the author).


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