Fizagat Swat

Overview of Fizagat swat


Fizagat swat
Park located on Ka Lam Road is a favorite of locals as well as tourists from all over the country. Swings, playland, cafeteria, everything is there for children in this park on the banks of Swat River. The temperature here is slightly better than in the city of Mingora. Faza Gut is an ideal spot for river rafting. Further along, you will find riverside minutes and restaurants. Go to any place and order trout fish and enjoy sitting on a bed by the river and listening to the sound of the water coming from the towering mountains. On the way, local cable car swings will be seen to cross the river. Should the car be stopped on the side of the road and taken for a round trip? what do you think? Come, let’s go to enjoy this sensational experience.


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