Bishigram Valley and Bishigram Lake

Overview of Bishigram Valley


Bishigram Valley and Bishigram Lake

Much of the scenic valley east of Marin is forested. A road on the right-hand side from the market near the bus stand of Madin, along the river Bhi Gram, turns uphill to Kalti Dadi Bhi Gram. The journey from Din to Bai Bin is an exciting experience. At a distance of two kilometers from Madin, the uphill journey begins in the shape of an English letter (N). Transport is available to High Ben. Beyond that is a hike. It is about a four-hour drive from Baiban along the river Bhigram, passing through the villages of Shako, Bela Bhigram, Kis, and Mughal Mar. Tajheel Bhi Gram has situated at the foot of the hill at a height some distance from Mughal Mar. According to locals, this lake is bigger and bigger than Daral Lake. Spread over a vast area, this beautiful lake is surrounded by snow-capped mountains. A trip here is a great experience for adventurers and hiking enthusiasts. The distance from Madin to this lake is about 1 km. The use of honey is a Sunnah of the Prophet. If you can, take this city as a souvenir.


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