Tirat Valley Swat Pakistan

Overview of Tirat valley


Tirat Valley swat pakistan

Four kilometers from Madin, the road leads to the Tirat Wadi on the left across Randrapal. Enjoy dating by camping in the vast beautiful area of Tirat.
The handicrafts here are very famous. A lot of archeology related to Buddhism has been discovered in the valley. The Jama Masjid here is very beautiful and worth seeing.
Tirat Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Swat. It is a historical place and many sites have been found nowadays pointing to Buddhism in the past.
Tirat is located about 3 kilometers from Madyan (a popular hill station in Pakistan), which is connected by roads at Ranzra bridge. As a whole,
Tirat is the name of a complete Union Council, but the specific village Tirat is the heart of the upper Swat. Tirat village can be recognized by the great
minar of its Jamia Masjid. Tirat Valley has breathtaking views which are the main source of attraction for tourists all around the world.



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