Chitral the Land of Trlbe

Overview of Chitral


(The Land Of Tribes)
Located at an altitude of 4840 feet above sea level, Chitral has an area of 4500 square miles. In light of archeology,
it can be said that these areas were inhabited before the arrival of the Aryans. When the Aryans migrated from Central
Asia, they reached the Ganges-Yamuna by way of Chitral and Swat. Alexander the Great also arrived in these areas.
This is the reason why the people of Faristan of Chitral Valley still claim that they are descendants
of the soldiers of Alexander the Great. In course of time, Chitral became fully autonomous in 1885.
Chitral is well connected to the rest of the country. Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Swat, and late public transport are available.
PIA flights from Peshawar to Chitral are regular but the flight also depends on weather conditions.
From Chitral via Gilgit Shandur Pass can be reached by jeep. However,
during the days of the Shandur Polo Festival, public transport is available goes May to October is the tourist season,
and June to Tambar is a full tourist rush season.


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