Shigar Valley Skardu

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shigar valley Skardu

When you leave Sukkur Doshahar and come to the Naveem Road, seeing the desert area spread far ahead, it seems as if you are traveling in the Cholistan desert. shigar Valley is located 32 km north of Skardu. In earlier times, shigar Valley was considered a state in itself. The whole valley is full of fruit trees of grapes, apples, walnuts, peaches, apricots, mulberries, and pears. Nuts here are unique in Baltistan. River shigarflows irrigating this valley. You walk into the house by the river. Visit the village take away Check out the local culture. If you like some local handicrafts, buy them as souvenirs. Dr. Carl Jenifer discovered Buddhist relics from pre-Christian times in Sugar. In addition to thousands of rock images, Tibetan and Sanskrit inscriptions are also seen. Which belong to the 8th to 10th century AD. A stone called Zehar Mohra is found in sugar. It is said that this stone has the ability to absorb poison.

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