Kot Dg Fort Sindh

Overview of Kot Digi Fort


Kot Digi Fort

On February 26, 1958, in the Khairpur district, traces of such a civilization were found which is about three hundred years
older than Moin Jo Daro. The Moen Jo Dar and Harappan civilizations came into being after the Kot Diji civilization.
This town was their capital during the Talpur era. It is formally known as Ahmedabad Fort. Mir Sohrab Khan Talpur,
the founder of the Upper Sindh Empire, rebuilt this fort in 1783. A five-kilometer-long mud wall was built around the city.
This fort is located on the edge of the Rajasthan desert and was a great defense against enemies attacking from the
eastern direction. Interestingly, in the entire history of this fort, even this was not completed. The Indus River
flows forty kilometers west from here. If you want to see this fort, it is located twenty kilometers south of Khairpur
city on the national highway.


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