Shikarpur Sindh

Overview of Shikarpur


From Shikarpuri Gate in Sukkur city, take a van and drive to Shikarpur, located on the right bank of the Indus River,
39 kilometers away. Which is famous for pickles and sweets. Two national highways 55-N and 65-N pass through

this district, consisting of four tehsils. There is also an 8-M highway from Shikarpur to Gwadar via Ratodero. In the past,
Shikarpur was an important stop for caravans from Iran and Central Asia to India via Kandahar. Due to the increasing
importance of Sukkur during the British era, Shikarpur lost its value.
In Shikarpur city, Rai Bahadur Adhaar is home to Tarachand Hospital, Commercial College, Lakhi Ghulam Shah Minar, Dhak Bazar,
Mazar Faqirullah Alvi, Sheikh Mari, Historical Shahi Bagh, a part of which has been constructed in Sarmiri Weather and brought
from Jaipur. The red stone clock tower is a sight to behold. Shikarpur is a significant market for carpet weaving, Kashan cloth, and
pottery industries. The veiled women of Shikarpur are highly skilled in handicrafts and embroidery. Zari and silk embroidery
work is done with great sophistication on women’s and men’s shirts, shalwar pants, handkerchiefs, and two sets. Ember indi
made of Shikapur leather is the perfect souvenir. Also visit the historic Bohi Dome in the Dakhan village of Garhi Yasin on
the Indus Highway, the Agha Siraj Khan Durrani Library Ashiana Adab in Kot Durrani, and the adjacent beautiful park


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