Super Deluxe Hunza Honeymoon Tour

Another fantastic tour package to Hunza for 2022 is available from us today. A difficulty occasionally comes with driving. In light of this, we are providing Hunza by Air Tour from Islamabad. The journey from Islamabad to Gilgit Airport takes 40 minutes and features breathtaking vistas, which is very important.

Hunza is an exhilarating place to spend every day. Enhance your wife’s memory of your post-wedding excursion. Moreover, the Super Deluxe Hunza Honeymoon Tour combines elegance and comfort with a budget-friendly price.

Are you aware that the Hunza Valley offers a chance to observe the Four Peaks, which are located at an elevation of 7000 meters? Isn’t it astonishing that there isn’t a place on earth with such credentials—one that merits mentioning the thriving Hunza Valley’s culture? Hunza, though, is all about the activity in the summertime, but the blossom season is just as beautiful.

On all journeys along the seasoned Local Drive, enjoy the comfort of the Jeep SUV. You would also go to Karimabad’s Altit and Baltit Fort. In Attabad Lake, would you mind participating in some water sports? Naturally, everyone enjoys their time at the Luxury Luxus hotel. Serena Gilgit also never fails to enthrall you with its beautiful garden.

Hunza’s original language is Brushiski, despite the fact that its residents are fluent in Urdu and English. During your extended stay in Karimabad, you will undoubtedly learn a few new terms.

Briefly said, a Super Deluxe Hunza Honeymoon Tour is a necessity for newly weds in 2022.

Tour Plan:

Day 01:

Fly from Islamabad to Gilgit; we’ll arrive there in 45 minutes; afterwards, transfer to a hotel in Gilgit ( Serena Gilgit Hotel )

Day 02:

Travel to Hunza; it takes two hours to get there; en route, take in the sights by visiting the Baltit and Altit forts.

(Hotel Serena Hunza/Hotel Darbar)

Day 03:

Explore some new locations today. Head to Hooper to get close to advancing glaciers, then go to Nagar Valley.

(Hotel Serena Hunza/Hotel Darbar)

Day 04:

On the third day, we will go to Attahabad Lake and also visit Upper Hunza and the China border in Kunjerab for the entire day.

(LUXUS Hotel Hunza)

Day 05:

Travel to Naltar Valley, stay there for six hours, then continue to Gilgit Valley and check into a hotel ( Serena Gilgit Hotel )

Day 06:

The tour ends on day six with breakfast and a transfer to Gilgit Airport.

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