Thatt Sindh

Overview of Thatta city Sindh


Thatta city

Back on the highway and continuing the journey, Thatta,
a two-thousand-year-old city of Sindh province, is located 100 km east of Karachi and 90 km from Hyderabad.
Along with being the center of Islamic arts in the fourteenth century AD, this city was also the capital of Sindh.
Ancient artifacts have been discovered during the excavation of its sides and corners,
which belong to the era before Christ. Most of the historical places and artifacts of this old and historic
city have been declared as World Heritage by UNESCO. In 1699,
the captain of a British ship informed his office that Thatta was bigger than London.
The wooden work of the old houses of Thatta is related to seeing.
Shop the bazaars of Thatta for handmade op-print clothes, glass bangles,
Sindhi amber underwear, small glasswork decoration items, and handicrafts are loved everywhere.
Rabi of Thatta is very famous.


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