PAF Museum Karachi Pakistan


It was inaugurated by Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Abbas Khattak in August 1997 and was opened to the general public in October. The entire area was landscaped by the Air Force as green grass fields. All the major combat aircraft used by the PAF are kept in the open in these lush green spaces.They include ‘Umig 15 T33 F6 FT6’Mirage’ F86’F104 Star Fighter Sabro Beach Antinv AN12 Aero Commander ‘MFI17 (Mushak) Hvskie 16G(Harvard) D95A (Trel Air)
Helicopters, various types of radars, and other defense essentials are on display. Aircraft Viking of the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and an Indian aircraft Gnat (which was shot down by Pakistani forces in Pasarur during the 1965 war) and other artifacts are also there.

Four sub-galleries have also been constructed in the inner hall. One of them tells about the history of air warfare through paintings with model aircraft. In the second gallery, models of different fighter planes of the world are kept. The remaining two galleries are dedicated to the heroes of the martyred wars of 1965 and 1971. Two open galleries have been created, one showing the achievements of various squadrons, while the other gallery highlights the history of Pakistan Air Force bases through various photographs and paintings.
A souvenir shop has also been set up for tourists to commemorate their visit to the museum. Where tourists show solidarity with their protectors by buying models of small warplanes, air force key chains, shirts, pins, and other items. A visit to the museum will bring out your patriotic spirit. This museum is located between Public Center and PAF Base Faisal on Shahrah Faisal.


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