Jeep Rally Skardu Baltistan North Pakistan 2023

The fifth edition of the Sarfaranga cold Desert Rally will build on the success of the previous four rallies and go even further. By highlighting regional festivals and polo matches, we will work with the administration of Gilgit-Baltistan to promote their unique culture. Sarfranga is our modest effort to promote tourism and show off Gilgit-natural Baltistan’s beauty to the public.

The Gilgit Baltistan government is taking the necessary actions to encourage tourism in the province.

Sarfaranga cold desert rally dates 2022

From October 14 to October 16, Gilgit Baltistan government isĀ  holding a Sarfaranga cold desert rally 2022 in Gilgit Baltistan. The world’s highest cold desert region is called Sarfa Ranga.

Introduction of Sarfaranga Desert

Sarfaranga, which is located at an elevation of 7,500 feet, is the highest cold desert in the world. International racing enthusiasts are keen to join the rally, in addition to professional drivers at the national level and adventure seekers. The three-day festival will also feature a number of cultural and sporting events, such as polo bouts, a zakh tournament, and cultural performances.

Due to its high altitude and chilly location, this desert has a special place in tourists’ hearts. On chilly Sarfaranga nights, blazing stars and a moving galaxy filled the sky. Sarfaranga hamlet is made more beautiful by the Indus River’s adjacent crystal-clear water, which reflects the picture of colorful trees.

Sarfaranga Cold Desert Skardu Tour Package

Prestine travels and tours is arranging 04 Days Sarfaranga cold desert tour Packages 2022.We will depart from Islamabad by air on 15th October 2022 to Skardu for Sarfaranga tour.

  1. For Families
  2. For Jeep lovers
  3. For Tourists

We are offering sarfaranga cold desert car rally tour packages from Islamabad,lahore,peshawar ,Faisalabad and Karachi.We also welcome International tourist

Cold Desert Jeep Rally

Events in the Rally 2022

In an attempt to conquer the Sarfaranga rally, contenders from all across Pakistan gathered. To show their support for the residents of the occupied valley, the cars participating in the Sarfaranga Desert Rally Skardu will fly the flags of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.. It is a distinctive leisure event that yields great results.

Other than drivers and bikers, a significant number of people taking part in the rally would assist enhance GB’s soft image. The Gilgit Baltistan administration is taking the lead in putting various events, like this Jeep rally, together. Over 100 off-road jeeps and motorcycles reportedly took part in the freezing desert jeep event. This rally has many racing categories.

Sarfaranga cold desert

This event aims to promote Baltistan’s adventure sports potential and culture on a national and worldwide level. An estimated 80 to 85 automobiles and a few motorcycles are taking part in this event. People travel there from all over Pakistan, particularly from Gilgit Baltistan, to take part in the demonstration and support local events of this nature.

The cold desert rally will also provide an opportunity to showcase the cultural diversity of Great Britain and boost the local tourism economy. The participating drivers and their co-drivers shall be permitted to complete the whole course as scheduled on the days specified in the event program. The race will be completed by participants in their own vehicles.

The rally features prominent local and national auto racers. Participants in the event might also be vehicle, jeep, and motorcycle racers. Prior to the rally, local drivers may sign up for the race. However, the challenging tracks are still the massive attraction of the Sarfaranga Desert Rally. One of the hardest rallies to complete, even for a seasoned racer, is Sarfaranga, which combines soft sand, gravel, and water crossings. Only the top drivers in the nation are drawn to it as a result.

This heep rally attracts Jeep enthusiasts from all over Pakistan, as well as from other countries in the region. It is a great opportunity to explore the beautiful Pakistani countryside and to test your driving skills on some challenging terrain.

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