A complete travel guide to Gwadar Pakistan

Gwadar, located in Balochistan, is one of Pakistan’s major trading ports. While the region has a rich history, it only became a popular tourist destination a few years ago, when the unknown corners of Balochistan became popular on social media. Gwadar is become one of the most popular tourist destinations, particularly for those wishing to escape the gray tones of megacities.

Gwadar is strategically important for a variety of reasons. It is located on the crossroads of three of the world’s most important business areas. The oil-rich Middle East, natural-resource-rich Central Asia, and South Asia have the potential for growth in the twenty-first century. Here’s all you need to know about visiting Gwadar.

Best time to visit Gwadar

Despite its location on the shore, Gwadar has a hot and dry climate typical of Balochistan. The greatest time to visit Gwadar is from September to March during the low tide season, although the coldest months are December to February, with temperatures as low as one to two degrees Celsius. As a result, the main travel season is from September to November, followed by March.

How to get to Gwadar

As more people grow interested in seeing the golden and silver sand beaches, as well as the beautiful sunsets on offer during a trip to Gwadar, we observe an increase in the number of tour companies offering easy weekend vacations to the coastal area.

Traveling to Gwadar, on the other hand, is a journey that may be completed on your own. The travel from Karachi takes 8 hours through Hub and the Makran Coastal Highway. On your route there, you’ll pass via Hingol National Park, Kund Malir Beach, and Ormara Beach. The roads are well-kept all the way up to Gwadar’s Marine Drive, where the majority of the hotels can be found.

By Air

Gwadar has a minor airport that serves the local population. Gwadar International Airport PIA is the primary airline that operates almost daily flights from Karachi.

By Bus

By bus There are a number of buses that run between Gwadar and Karachi.

By Car

Car rental firms also provide cars for a price and deposit.

Where to stay in Gwadar

In Gwadar, there are a few places to stay with minimal facilities; where you stay is determined by your budget. Keep in mind that prices may rise during peak season owing to increased demand.

Major Hotel Brands in Gwadar

Gwadar boasts a broad range of hotel chain accommodations, with Golden Tulip being one of the most well-known. Louvre Hotels, IHG Crowne Plaza Hotels, and Millennium Hotels Gwadar Hotel Brand Flair LTD Pakistan provides the finest value hotels and motels in the Gwadar area. Free parking, free early check-in, and a 24-hour front desk are the most prevalent services in these Gwadar hotel, motel, and resort chains. If you have a preferred brand, staying with a well-known chain might provide you with exceptional savings and a nice stay. Top hotel brands in Gwadar include:

  • Aitken Spence Hotels Gwadar
  • Crowne Plaza Hotels By IHG Gwadar
  • Millennium Hotels Gwadar
Gwadar Hotels

Gwadar Cheap Accommodations

Gwadar also has motels with substantial savings on accommodation rates, such as Hotel Regine Inn and Sand Delight Desert Camp. If you’re visiting Gwadar on a budget, you may save money by getting a stay at one of the city’s numerous economical hotels with low hotel rates. These motels frequently include amenities such as complimentary breakfast, free early check-in, and satellite television. Some of these motels offer substantial reductions on accommodation costs.

Gwadar Resort Hotels

Gwadar also contains resorts such as Millennium Resort Mussanah and InterContinental Fujairah Resort, which provide resort-style lodging for leisure or luxury holidays in the area. These resort hotels should be considered for your Gwadar holiday because they are typically located near tourist sites. Resort amenities such as a gift shop, a fitness center, and an on-site restaurant make your stay more enjoyable. These best Gwadar resorts, like as Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort, have everything a tourist or business visitor would expect from a luxury hotel facility near prominent Landmark places.

Places to visit in Gwadar

Do you want to strengthen Gwadar’s tourist industry? Here are some of the best locations to visit in Gwadar and its environs:

Kund Malir Beach

Kund Malir is one of the numerous beautiful beaches along the Makran Coastal Highway. There is also a little restaurant nearby for meals, as well as hills all around that are ideal for trekking.

kund malir

Buzi Pass

About 6 kilometers from Kund Malir on the Makran coastal route, one is struck by the exquisite grandeur of the smooth road of Buzi Pass as it snakes its way into the mountain. Sitting in a car on the Buzi Pass, one may gaze out the window at the huge blue ocean of the Arabian Sea on one side and wonder at the majesty of gorgeous mountains on the other. When you gaze up at the tall peaks along the coastal route, you will see the princes of hope and the Balochistan lion.

Buzi pass

Princess of Hope

The Princess of Hope, a distinctively sculpted natural rock structure in Hingol National Park, was named by Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie on a visit to the area. It is designed like a female statue and is particularly stunning owing to its enormous size and seeming man-made shape. It’s thought to be the product of mud volcanic eruptions in the area.

princess of hope

The Sphinx

You don’t have to travel all the way to Egypt to view the man-made Sphinx when Gwadar has one of its own natural sphinxes! This incredible rock is naturally formed like the Sphinx and is located towards the top of the mountain in Hingol National Park, making it a sight to behold and a famous tourist attraction.

the sphinx

Ormara Beach

Ormara Beach, located on the Makran Coastal Highway between Karachi and Gwadar, is a naval facility with one of Pakistan’s remaining unspoilt beaches.

ormara beach

Gwadar Port

It is exciting to visit Gwadar Port and watch the hustle and bustle of the area because it contains a naval facility and is also the heart of construction activities in the region. Fishing and boating lovers can take use of the port’s offerings.



The Old Town of Gwadar is located on a hammerhead-shaped peninsula with hills on both ends. The most well-known is Koh-e-Batil, which gives spectacular views from the summit after descending approximately 700 steps on a steep stairway cut into the mountain. The Pearl Continental (PC) Hotel in Gwadar is also located on this mountainside.

koh e batil

Mud volcano

Baba Chandrakup is one of the few active mud volcanoes left in Balochistan. A mud volcano differs from other types of volcanoes in that it spews cold mud rather than boiling magma. However, you will have to trek up the volcano to view the mud gushing at its mouth.

mud volcano

Language, culture and religion in Gwadar

Gwadar’s location and history have resulted in a unique cultural mix. Because to the Omani period and its closeness to the Arabian peninsula, Gwadar has a strong Arabic impact. The Omanis’ legacy may be seen in the local Makrani community, who can trace their ancestors back to Afro-Arabs and Zanj slaves who arrived in the town during Omani control. Liwa is an Arab dance and song that is also practiced throughout the Arabian Peninsula.

Religion is Islam and language is Balochi.

baloch culture

Mobile Network in Gwadar

The cellular data works well in Gwader. You can use any network that are ufone, Telenor, Zong, Mobilink/Warid. Many people wintnessed the coverage of 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G mobile networks in Gwadar.

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