Pakistan Maritime Museum Karachi


The related museum and park of the Pakistan Naval Forces are called Pakistan Maritime Museum. The museum’s main building is located inside the park and consists of six galleries and an auditorium. The maritime and naval heritage is highlighted through various paintings, sculptures, touchscreen computers, antique weapons, and taxidermy.

Marine Life Gallery

A large gallery has been built on the second floor of the museum. This gallery depicts the different conditions of the different marine life in the deep sea.

Maritime History Museum

This is the most interesting part of the museum. Here is the relevant information on Mara Beach. There are also maps of the ancient trade routes of Mohenjo-Daro, and early Muslim naval equipment dating back to the arrival of Muhammad bin Qasim’s forces in the area and the invasion of Dibal in the 8th century AD.

Museum Lake

A large lake on the museum premises is designed to reflect the marine environment. Various maritime information has also been highlighted in Orientation Lobby and Ports Sharbovrs Gallery. The museum is closed to visitors on Wednesdays.


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