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Hunza Naran Valley tour 2022 is yet another gem. In this Tour Plan, you will discover a unique blend of two quite different regions of Northern Pakistan. The first is Khyber Phatunkhawn’s “Naran Kaghan,” while the second is Gilgit Baltistan’s “Hunza.” Both areas are blessed with numerous excellent locations. The colors of Hunza and the breathtaking views of Naran Kaghan are enough to captivate anyone.

Hunza Naran Valley Tour 2022 Features:

The 10 days and 9 nights long Hunza Naran Valley Couple Tour is offered by Prestine Tour & Travel. a comprehensive travel itinerary that will enable you to see Northern Pakistan’s breathtaking scenery. This itinerary calls for us to start our tour at Kaghan, travel to Siri Paye, and then head toward Shogran. An outpresstanding place to stay. Then, as we continue on in Kaghan Valley, we’ll stop by places like “Lulusar Lake” and “Lake Saif ul Malook,” which are both renowned worldwide.

These three are all quite lovely. The journey is made more exciting by Jeep rides. Rafting in the Kunhar River and a visit to Babusar Top are fantastic additions to this adventure journey.

We will move toward the Gilgit after four days of exploring the Kaghan valley. Pakistan is extremely fortunate to own Gilgit Baltistan, which is heaven on earth. Gilgit’s historic town of Hunza is well-known for its fascinating past. We must visit Attabad Lake and the China Border while in the Hunza Valley; both are constantly on our to-do list. Without visiting Rakaposhi, a Hunza sight is not complete. Your travel journal will benefit from a trip to Altit Baltit Fort.

Then there’s seeing the Minapin village and shopping in Gilgit Bazar. For the couple who will begin their lives with many unforgettable experiences, these locations are a bonus to call.

Tour Plan

Day 1:

We will pick you up in Islamabad and drive you six hours to Shogran, where you will check into a hotel. A brief stop at Kewai Waterfall is made before arriving at Shogran.

Hotel Lalazar Shogran

Day 2:

Breakfast, visit Siri Paye Meadows in a 4WD Jeep. This excursion would take three hours total and would begin in the morning to avoid heavy traffic on the road.

Hotel Lalazar Shogran

Day 3:

Have breakfast at the hotel and depart from Shogran. We would travel for three hours to reach Naran Valley, a popular summer destination for Pakistani tourists. For a three-hour activity, we would take a 4WD Jeep to Lake Saiful Malook.

Rose Valley or Hiltop Naran 

Day 4:

Naran’s breakfast On the swift Kunhar River, take pleasure in rafting. With a competent, trustworthy staff to prevent any unforeseen circumstances, it would be a fantastic journey. To connect GB and Naran, we would halt at Babusar Top before continuing on to Nagar Valley in the evening.

Osho Thang Hotel or the Diran Hotel

Day 5:

Have breakfast at the hotel and take a 4×4 private Jeep to the Naltar Valley. We would spend a full day at Naltar, the most picturesque Wonderland in the Hunza Region, before traveling to our hotel.

Osho Thang Hotel or the Diran Hotel

Day 6:

After breakfast, travel to Main Karimabad, which offers a panoramic view of the entire Hunza Valley. We will only visit the well-known Altit & Baltit Forts on the first day if your package includes entry tickets.

Hunza Embassy or Nexus Grace Hotel

Day 7:

Travel from Karimabad to Khunjerab Top while taking in the Passu cons at the edge of Attabad Lake. Drive further to reach Gulmit, also known as the miniature Switzerland of Pakistan. Hunza Embassy or Nexus Grace Hotel full-day excursion

Day 8:

Transport On a personal 4WD Jeep, traveling from Karimabad to Hooper Valley. You can engage in adventure activities in northern Pakistan from here, with a return trip to the hotel in the evening.

Hunza Embassy or Nexus Grace Hotel

Day 9:

Travel from the Hunza Valley to the Naran Valley, which will take around nine to ten hours, and check into a hotel there.

Hiltop or Rose Valley Naran

Day 10:

Travel from Naran Valley to Islamabad, where the tour would come to an end after 8 to 9 hours.

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