Skardu Tour Package from Islamabad

The capital of Gilgit-Baltistan and largest city is Skardu. Skardu’s attractions include snow-capped mountains, verdant meadows, waterfalls, and towering trees. It is renowned for its places for trekking and adventure. The weather in Skardu is quiet and nice. In Skardu, cultural events are observed. The Skardu people are incredibly kind and inviting.

Tour Plan

Day 1:

We will travel by air from Islamabad to Sakaru

Welcome at Skardu Airport and transport to Skardu Hotel

We travel to Lower Kachura Lake following some hotel time. Mountains, huge trees, and rest stops around the perimeter of Lower Kachura Lake.

We enjoy boating, hiking, and photography with stunning views at Lower Kachura Lake.

Swing by the Kachura Trout Fish Farm.

Hotel Stay in Skardu

Day 2:

Visit Upper Kachura Lake, which is 20 kilometers from Skardu, after breakfast. Upper Kachura Lake has incredibly clean, pure water.

Travel to the Deosai Plateau. The most well-known and beautiful location in Gilgit-Baltistan is Deosai.

Pakistan’s Deosai National Park is well known for its vibrant butterflies. The Deosai Plains are the second-highest alpine plains in the world.

Visit Bara Pani, Kala Pani, and Sheosar Lake.

The three most beautiful and ideal sites to visit are Bara Pani, Sheosar Lake, and Kala Pani.

A short stop will be at Sadara Lake/Dam on the route to Deosai. Sadara Lake is well-known for its boating and fishing, and it is bordered by glacial mountains.

Deosai National Park for lunch.

Swing by Skardu Bazaar.

Day 3:

Travel to the region of Ghanche. Gilgit-Ghanche Baltistan’s District, which is also its most eastern district, is a well-known tourist attraction.

Visit the fish farm and sailing village.

Go to Khaplu by car. The administrative center of the Ghanche District, it is a lovely town.

Visit Khaplu Palace and the Chaqchan Mosque. The Raja of Khaplu resided at the historic palace recognized as Khaplu Palace.

Hotel Stay in Skardu

Day 4:

The fourth day, will go to Kharmang District.

Pay a visit to Manthoka Falls. The Kharmang Valley is where it is situated. camping and fishing paradise.

Go by car to Shigar Valley. The lovely valley in Gilgit-Baltistan is called Shigar Valley.

Check out Shigar Fort and the Cold Desert. Pakistan is home to the highest desert in the world, Cold Desert. Shigar Fort is a historic fort that dates back to the 17th century.

Swing by the Skardu Old Bazaar.

Hotel Stay in Skardu

Day 5:

Visit Kharpocho Fort after breakfast. Skardu Fort is another name for it. Old Kharpocho Fort is perched atop a tiny hill and encircled by the Indus River.

Check out the Nansoq Organic Village. It is Pakistan’s first organic community and may be found behind the Kharpocho Fort.

Hotel Stay in Skardu

Day 6:

Depart from the Skardu Airport for Islamabad. At last we will end our skardu tour package from islamabad.

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