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Overview of Astore Gilgit−Baltistan,


Astore Gilgit−Baltistan,

Astor is an old city situated at an altitude of 3200 meters above sea level. Before the establishment of Pakistan, the road was used to go to Gilgit from the city of Srinagar in Occupied Kashmir. This district of Gilgit-Baltistan is at a distance of 115 km from Gilgit City. On the Karakoram Highway from Gilgit to Rawalpindi, the road from Tapichi takes a right turn for Astor. Here the river Astoor with all its paraphernalia meanders along the road. There are a few hotels and a small market in the town of Astor. Rama, Rehmanpur, Gorikot, Yoonji, Dashkan, Chilam, Ratu, etc. are the main villages. From Astor, you can go to Nanga Parbat (Royal Face), Deosai, Rama Yak Trashing Valley Rupal Valley, etc. Apart from this, Chilam Poonchi, Shakan, Singsar, Rahmanpur, Kala Pani Honey Marg, Mayaba Ho, Domel, and Gorikot areas are also good for tourism. If you want to go to Sukkur, you can go from Chalam Choki via Deosai Maidan, Shivsar Lake, and Orst Para Lake. All these areas can be visited by jeep only. Mani Murg, Rainbolak, and some other beautiful areas are considered sensitive due to their proximity to the Indo-Pak border. Therefore, a special permit is required to visit certain areas. which can be obtained in advance by furnishing all necessary information from the concerned Army office. If you see the city of Astoor, you feel that you have seen these beautiful scenes in Amri Ka and Boy movies. The Hina language is spoken locally in Astor.

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