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(The Pearl Of Arabian Sea)

Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan and the capital of Sindh province.
With a population of approximately two crores, this city is also ancient.
When Alexander the Great’s fleet reached here, it was called Karwakala.
Originally, there was a village called Karak. Which was at a distance of sixteen miles
from Karachi on the banks of river Hub. The inhabitants of the place started
looking for another place under the guidance of Seth Bhujol.
So they found a new place called Kalachi Jo Goth. Which the Arab sailors used to say Karachi.
This village later adopted the name Karachi.
During the rule of the Talpur family from 1795 to 1839,
it developed significantly. In 1843, the British captured it.
Sir Charles Napier shifted his headquarters here from Hyderabad.
During this period, Karachi played a significant role as a port and military cantonment.
In 1936, Sindh became a separate province, then Karachi was declared the capital of Sindh province.
At that time, the population here was two lakhs. After the creation of Pakistan,
the population not only increased rapidly but also in an unruly and
uncontrolled manner due to the influx of immigrants from the Muslim minority provinces of India.
Being the capital city, all the government employees, their offices, their residential houses,
and all their needs were immediately settled here. By 1951, the population of Karachi had increased to one million.

The second influx of population came when people from the border and Punjab started
coming in search of employment to establish an industrial estate in the suburbs of Karachi.
People from the interior of Sindh also came. Settled with mortal traditions. Today,
Karachi is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural city. Karachi city

It is the largest economic industrial, commercial educational, and communication
center in the country. In the city of the Indus River

It is located on the west and north coast of the Arabian Sea.
Pakistan’s largest port and

The airport is also in Karachi. Being on the beach, the city has a very mild climate.

Deep sea fishing, expansive glistening coastal views, boating, golf, and more

Activities like horse riding can be enjoyed throughout the year.


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