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Overview of Rama Lake Astore Valley


Rama Lake Astore Valley

This lake is located at an altitude of 10800 feet above sea level. Surrounded by green mountains, this lake is covered with snow for seven to eight months. From here the route leads west to Nanga Parbat, the 8th-highest peak in the world. Get a jeep from Astoor to reach the lake, which is eight kilometers from Astoor. (On the way to Rama Lake, a path to the left leads to Chilam Choki. Passing through the beautiful plains of Deosai, you will enter central Baltistan. can go to the city of Skardu). Three kilometers before Rama Lake, there is a beautiful TDC motel in the middle of a dense forest of lush trees. Which is the best place to spend two to three days in a relaxed way. When almost goes to the lake. But the best is to get down at PTDC, and from there march on foot to the lake enjoying the lushness of the path and the cool breeze. The lake is quite long, if you have the courage, you must come round to its end. At a distance of 3 km from Rama village there is a rest house of the forest department. You can book from Rawalpindi or Gilgit.

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