Muhammad Bin Qasim Mosque Sindh

Overview of Muhammad Bin Qasim Mosque


Muhammad Bin Qasim Mosque Sindh
The great Muslim conqueror Muhammad Bin Qasim invaded Sindh in 711 AD and built a mosque at Arwar.
Located on a high hill, this mosque is still in a ruined condition and five times the sounds of Lord Dhul-Jalal’s
Oneness are heard from here. A Hindu Raja was killed during Muhammad bin Qasim’s invasion of the subcontinent.
Two of his daughters were sent by Muhammad bin Qasim to join the Caliph’s harem in Damascus. On reaching there,
one of them protested that she was not worthy of the royal harem because Muhammad bin Qasim had already raped her.
The Caliph was very angry at the boldness of one of his subordinates and sent an order that Muhammad bin Qasim
should be given a cowhide immediately. (which meant a gruesome and gradual death with the skin shrinking) and
be sent back to Damascus. The Caliph’s grip on his subjects was so strong that his orders were obeyed immediately.
When the body of Muhammad bin Qasim reached Kha’s Damascus, the Raja’s daughters openly expressed their joy and said
that Qasim was innocent, we have avenged the murder of our father. The Caliph immediately beheaded them.


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