Mohenjo Daro History Sindh

Overview of Mohenjo Daro


Mohenjo Daro History SINDH
(Rediscovering History) Mohenjo Daro is a Sindhi word meaning Mound of Men. Mohenjodaro valley
Mehran was the center of the ancient civilization of Sindh. According to archeological research,
Cter existed in 2600 BC and became extinct in 1700 BC for unknown reasons. However, floods,
changes in the direction of the Indus River, earthquakes, or external invaders can be the reasons
for its destruction. According to experts, this city was destroyed and rebuilt seven times.
It is also mentioned in Rigveda, the oldest Hindu book.

Mohenjo Daro was discovered in 1922 by Sir John Marshall, a British archaeologist.
While some researchers say that Mohenjo Daro was discovered by an Indian archaeologist
RK Bhandar in 1911, examined the objects found here and brought this place to light
as a Buddhist holy place. After about a decade, Sirjan Marshall started digging here
regularly. Sarjan Marshall’s car is in Mohenjo Daro premises.

According to the discovered traces, this city was settled in a large order with a high level of planning.
The streets of the city were open and straight. There was a good arrangement of water drainage
while in some places the water drainage was also underground. About 35000 people lived in this city.
While constructing the houses in the city, special care was taken to ensure that the structure of
the building fell outwards in case of an earthquake. The Mohenjo Daro Museum has also been established
near these archeological sites, in which the rare objects found during the excavations have been preserved.
Including jewelry, weapons, masks, daily use items and pictures and writings engraved on stones, etc.

According to archaeologists, the various inscriptions found here amply prove that there is a connection and
continuity between the ancient language of Mohenjo-Daro and the present Sindhi language. This city is included
in the places declared by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). About
a year ago, under the auspices of UNESCO, a big event was held in Paris, the capital of France, regarding the
thousands of years old civilization of Mohenjo Daro.

An exhibition was also organized. An airport is already located at Mohenjo Daro to promote tourism in Pakistan.
Now the national airline is planning to build a pantheism and aviation gallery at Mohenjo-Daro. This gallery
will help preserve the history of Mohenjo Daro and also promote tourism. Mohenjo Daro is located at a distance
of twenty-nine kilometers from Larkana. If tourists or researchers want to stay, there are rest houses of the
Department of Archaeology, PTDC Moel Kehne Meria, Handicraft Shop, and all other facilities. His image is also
present on the ten and no rupee notes.


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