Karakoram Hunza Skardu Tour Package

The goal of Prestine Travel and Tour is to offer the best services possible to tourists all around the world. Visitors from all over the world enjoy coming to the area because it is rich in tradition, culture, and history. More importantly, no other region can match the beauty of Northern Pakistan’s terrain. Browse from a list of travel packages that visit Pakistan’s wonderful regions if you’re a foreign visitor. Here is the itinerary for the Karakoram Hunza Skardu Tour.

For visitors from abroad who want to experience stunning scenery and the beauty of local culture, the Karakoram Hunza Skardu Tour is especially created. As implied by the name, the Karakoram Hunza Skardu Tour includes all the important regions of Gilgit Baltistan. Additionally, the itinerary calls for an 11-day trip. We will investigate all of Gilgit’s and Hunza’s surrounding regions, but Skardu, Pakistan’s far north and largest region, will be our main focus.

Karakoram Hunza Skardu Tour 

Using the Karakorum Highway, we set out towards Besham from Islamabad, the nation’s capital. As well as Abbottabad, Mansehra, Balakot, Shinkiyari, and Thakot, the Karakorum Highway includes a wealth of other stunning tourist destinations. While traveling over the Karakorum Highway, we will pass via the Khunjerab Pass, which is located at a height of 4,693 meters, as well as the enormous mountains that separate Pakistan and China.

Following that, Hunza will be our main destination on this tour; we’ll explore its beautiful and vibrant locations. Notably, Attabad Lake, Altit-Baltit Fort, Karimabad, Gojal Valley, Sust, and all other neighboring locations are rich in culture and history. We will go to the outlying region, which is Skardu, after spending two or more days in Hunza. Skardu is a unique place with expansive views and a comfortable environment. Anywhere you go, the immense beauty of the area will enchant you. We will visit Skardu to see the Shangri-La Lake, Khaplu Fort, Chnaqchan Mosque, and other gorgeous lakes.

The last but certainly not least location is Chilas, where we can see Nanga Parbat and its surrounding territories, which are covered in rich green grass and have a stunning backdrop, as well as the high slopes of deadly mountains.

Day 1:

Alright, so the tour of the Karakoram, Hunza, and Skardu begins today. First and foremost, please accept our sincere welcome to our nation and our ancient courtesies. After a long travel, the first day would be spent relaxing and taking a tour of Islamabad.

Day 2:

We leave early in the morning and travel directly to Besham over the Karakorum Highway with rest stops along the way. After traveling for 7-8 hours, we will arrive at our destination in the evening, at which point we will check into a hotel for the night.

Day 3:

We’ll keep traveling along the Karakorum Highway to Chilas. I’ll check into the Gilgit Hotel after passing through the lovely Karakoram Valley.

Day 4:

After a delectable breakfast, we will explore Gilgit and come across numerous Buddha sculptures that transport us to a more ancient era. We begin our three-hour journey to Hunza Valley in the late afternoon.

Day 5:

we will spend the entire day traveling through the Hunza Valley, stopping at places like Attabad Lake, Gojal Valley, Gulmit, Khunjerab, Khunjerab National Park, the settlement of Sust, and other close-by locales.

Day 6:

After leaving for our next destination of Skardu after breakfast, we will travel there for the next 10 hours. Once there, we will check into a hotel to spend the night.

Day 7:

After breakfast, we will check out of the hotel and travel to Upper Kachura Lake and the breathtaking Khaplu Valley. A full-day visit to these two locations is well worthwhile.

Day 8:

The Chnaqchan Mosque and Khaplu Fort are magnificent architectural masterpieces that we will see on the eighth day. Following that, we will go through the neighborhood bazaars to do some shopping.

Day 9:

Chilas, the capital of Diamir, will be our final destination on this fully filled journey. From here, we can see the deadly mountains and experience stunning dawn and sunset views.

Day 10:

We will depart from Chilas and arrive in Islamabad in the evening.

Day 11:

The final day of the Karakoram Hunza Skardu Tour. Therefore, we would be leaving the hotel. We so bid you farewell at the Islamabad International Airport while carrying heavy hearts and a wealth of lovely memories.

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