Mithi Tharparkar Sindh

Overview of Mithi Tharparkar Sindh


Mithi Tharparkar Sindh

Thar Park is also the district headquarters, 50 km from Nokot. At the beginning of the last century,
when Talpur came to Mithi, they built two forts. Also, build huge mansions for their living which
are locally called Gadhi. A park, children’s playland, restaurant, and guest house have been built on
the remains of one such pit of about 800 feet in Mithi city. The embroidery work here is very famous,
it is well-sold in the market near the gymkhana.

On the way to Mithi, the famous folk singer Mai Bhagi’s house is also visited. And rows of camels
will also be seen here and there. A sheet of golden sand stretches for miles around Methi. Pockets
are easily found to go to different areas beyond dessert. Apart from this, there are also trucks known
as crabs. Thar Desert Rally is not even organized every year. Mithi is the focal point for the 200 km long jeep rally route.
4. At the end of this jeep rally in Calgary, a grand ceremony is held. In which prizes and trophies are given to the winners.
And at the end, there is a spectacular fireworks display.


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