Makli Graveyard Thatta

Overview of Makli Graveyard Thatta


Makli Graveyard Thatta

If you come back to the highway from Makli Cemetery Hanchi Lake,
the largest city in the world, Khumshan, can be seen completely at a slightly higher place.
This cemetery, containing millions of graves, covers an area of about eight kilometers.
120000 scholars, intellectuals, Sufi saints, kings, queens, philosophers,
scholars, and generals are sleeping eternally in these graves.
The special feature of these graves is their beautiful carvings and carvings,
which are proof of the civilization, culture, and skill of that time.
They can be called masterpieces of Iranian, Turkish, and Indian architecture.
Tomb-like buildings are also built on top of some tombs.
The structures of these buildings are of very strong architectural style and the
construction materials are of very high quality.
Quranic verses are engraved on these tombs in a very sophisticated manner.
180,000 tiles have been used in the construction
of a tomb here. Each of which has a different and unique design.
This cemetery is 97 km away from Karachi. According to the residents of the cemetery,
the grave of Mai Makli is located in the northern part of the cemetery.
After which this cemetery is called.


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