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Thandiani means cold in the local language. And this area is actually cold. Even when the air conditioners stop working in central Punjab due to the heat, it still gets cold at night in Thandani. The structure of the mountains around it is such that when the sun rises here, it does not rise completely at once, but appears and hides from time to time. Is. StatementIt is not enough to do. At 2700 meters above sea level, this place is situated at a height of 24 kilometers from Abbottabad on a secondary road that is easily accessible by an excellent paved road. It is a completely natural hill station. Although you won’t get much of the plains by going to the heights, the beautiful views of the surroundings, the mountain peaks surrounded by lush forests, and the clouds will be remembered for a long time. Along the way, along with the view of flowering trees, there will also be some caves that are home to wild animals. When you visit Thandani for the first time, it feels like you are soaring towards the sky. So visit Thandani once to experience it. A private wagon from Abbottabad will take you to Thandani. If the weather is clear, you will see the idol on Pir Panjal hills in the east and Nanga in the north.


It is also Abbottabad

Gurdwara Bazar is the historical Gurdwara where Maharaja Ranjit Singh used to come to perform religious rituals during his reign. On the outskirts of the city is the historic village of Dhor, which is southeast of Abbottabad. Cloth is still made here. All Jirga decisions and relationships between boys and girls are decided in the chamber next to each mosque. No change has taken place in this area in the last e years. This village presents the traditional lifestyle of the Hazara region. Located 15 km from Abbottabad is the famous village of Satora in Piala Namawadi, surrounded by green, beautiful mountains. It is a favorite place for beauty seekers due to its beautiful surroundings. Banda Phagwa Rian and two baths Shimla. Near Hull are the most beautiful villages.

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