Islamabad Tourism Ilyasi Masjid Abbottabad Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Overview of Abbottabad


Ilyasi Masjid Abbottabad Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
The Ilyasi Masjid, located at the foot of a hill of natural springs under the shadow of the airy place in the town of Thandiani in the Nawan Shahr area of Abbottabad city, has gained international fame. There was a natural spring at this place. Hindus wanted to build a temple here, while Muslims wanted to build a mosque. There was a struggle for some time. Finally, the Muslims laid the foundation of Jamia Masjid. Everyone contributed in a spirit of faith. Today it is a magnificent architectural masterpiece due to the magnificent construction of the mosque. Its walls, ceilings, and minarets offer the best view of Islamic art and culture. The climate of this region is pleasant even in summer. There is no place for mole sit-ins on holidays. The pakora shops outside the mosque are considered souvenirs here.



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