Madak Lasht Sash Gol Valley Chitral

Overview of Madak Lasht Shash Gol Valley


Madak Lasht Shash Gol Valley
Lowari has descended from the top towards Chitral. After Ziyarat Bushrat, the historic town of Chitral is “Dar Roosh”.
Darosh is also the headquarters of the Chitral Scouts. 45 km northeast of Darosh is Manfar Dawadi known as Dak Lasht
due to its natural beauty. The region receives 8 to 10 feet of snowfall. A training center for scouts was also established
here during British rule. And ice skating competitions were also held. The entire valley and its people will be
a sight for you. You can go to your car from Chitral early in the morning and return by evening.
Take food and drink with you.Women’s household on return Also come and buy handmade vests, socks, scarves, and gloves


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