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bagrote valley gilgit

Fifteen kilometers before Gilgit Valley, a board indicates the Bagrot Valley. The distance of the central valley from Gilgit to the east is about 45 km. The road to reach the valley is a bit narrow but unforgettable. The upper valley is the most beautiful and densely cultivated. Sinakkar, the main village of the valley, is two hours away from Gilgit. Beyond this is Chara village. From here you can have a great view of the Hinarche glacier. Apart from local people, you will also find foreign tourists trekking in this area. Diran Peak (7270 meters high) and Dobani Peak (6143 meters high) are spreading their beauty in this valley while Nagar Valley is on the other side. The two founding peaks are said to have been summited by very few climbers. Every year researchers come to the Pali Glacier in this valley for research. There is a spectacular trek from Chara village to Duran Choti Hain camp. On the other hand, a four to five-hour drive will take you to Dar. Even further away is Garosh. These are only seasonal villages. In summer the locals will be seen with their sheep and goats. Famous for its fruit trees of pears, walnuts, apricots and apples, this valley is a haven for local and foreign enthusiasts of hiking and trekking.

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