Chitral City Pakistan

Overview of Chitral city


Chitral city
Chitral is the name of the entire district along with the city which is also the capital of Chitral.
There are high mountains in the east and west of Chitral. There are 204 peaks above 18000 feet in the Chitral area.
Chian Tar Glacier is the source of the river Chitral. The climate of Chitral is mild in summer and bitterly cold in winter.
In summer, the temperature does not rise above 30 degrees even in the plains, while in winter the temperature drops below
the freezing point by several degrees. River Chitral passes through the center of the city. Chitral Scouts, Shahi Fort,
Shahi Masjid, Polo Ground, Governor’s Neech, Municipal Library, Museum, PIA Office, PTDC Motel, and numerous other notable buildings are there.
At the back of Shahi Bazar, Afghan Cafe is famous for the excellent taste of its food.


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