Naz Bagh Qazi Ahmed Sindh

Overview of Naz Bagh Qazi Ahmed Sindh


Naz Bagh Sindh
The Naz Bagh is a garden and mosque located in Qazi Ahmed, Sindh,
Pakistan Naz Bagh was Created by Raees Alli Nawaz khan Unnar a
Historical personality, Raees Ali Nawaz became a very famous and
much popular distinguished person, he was not only imaginative and
innovative farmer agriculturist, social and political hard worker,
but also an artistic builder, he had a historical background and
his ancestors belong to the Royal Clan of the Samma tribe, ”Jam Unnar” –
i .e. the first king and Sultan Jam Nizam-u-Din ”Jam Nindo”
the famous ruler of the Samma Dynasty of Sindh, Raees Ali Nawaz created
Naz Bagh on the line of mughal Emperors. the naz bagh has been famous
and called Shalimar of Sindh because it is similar to the pattern of Shalimar
bagh lahore pakistan, Naz bagh spread over 25 acres on the main national highway
from Karachi to Islamabad, the construction of naz bagh started in 1940 in kazi
Ahmed town district shaheed benazir aba({ nawab shah) including lush green parks,
mausoleum, masjid, farmhouses traditionally constructed buildings cottages, data
.Adjusted to the Naz Bagh there is a beautiful safari park with over 50 acres of land,
Everyone from all over pakistan is free of cost…
Naz Bagh This beautiful garden is located in Qazi Ahmed Town on the National Highway.
It is popular in the area for its beautiful greenery, walking areas, playgrounds, and ornate fountains.


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