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Overview of Basho Valley Skardu


Basho Valley Skardu
The road to the great Concordia, which is difficult but full of beautiful scenery, is so beautiful that you forget to blink. After a four-hour journey from Skardu, beyond the town called Hyderabad, the journey begins to leave a pleasant impression on you. The Baraldo River (of which he talks of Sabit Naki lives on in the tongues of mountaineers) begins the picturesque area of Basho Valley. Also, take a tour of the forests along a short valley at the confluence of the river at Gharu Chu. Sit by the river and enjoy the waves. Lush forests, mesmerizing waterfalls, snow-clad mountain ranges, and fruit-laden trees are all you see only in pictures. Here everything is really on the hunt. Basha Valley butter and halwa-like miso-like food Mirzan is recognized throughout the region. Local and foreign trekkers can be seen everywhere here, from Basho Valley to Skardu and back to Gilgit on the Silk Road (Karakoram Highway).

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