Cherry Blossom Pakistan Gilgit, Hunza, Skardu Baltistan Cheap Package 2024-25

Do you want to visit the Hunza Valley during cherry blossom season? Most intriguingly, during the Cherry Blossom Season, which begins in March and lasts through April, Hunza Valley appears even more beautiful. Additionally, in Japanese culture, the cherry blossom is frequently used as a synonym for sakura.

To experience the most stunning hues of the Hunza Valley alongside Nagar in 2022, book Cherry Blossom trips. Whether it be sunset over the Royal Altit Garden or views of the Baltit Fort from the Rainbow Restaurant in Karimabad, if you want to record the mesmerizingly vibrant bliss of nature, you’ll need a camera.

Cherry Blossom Hunza 2022

In 2022, Cherry Blossom Hunza Tours will be the ideal choice for honeymooning Couples. The most notable thing about them is how willing they are to welcome visitors into their rich culture. You don’t need to worry about anything when taking a stroll through Karimabad Bazar at night. In addition, a morning stroll around Gulmit can be enjoyable. Furthermore, a trek from Aliabad to Karimabad would be a fantastic journey with Rakaposhi displaying its unflinching beauty. A fast boat cruise in Attabad Lake would be fantastic while you are watching pink and white showers in the Gulmit Meadows. Therefore, family-friendly Cherry Blossom Hunza trips in 2022 are a great choice.

Tour Plan

Day 01

Therefore, start your Cherry Blossom Hunza Tour at 8 am from Islamabad or Rawalpindi and head along the highway; OUR Islamabad to Hazara Highway will be the primary route. We would also travel from Balakot to Besham. It is important to be aware that the new motorway between Abbottabad and Thakot is currently operational. Providing breathtaking views of the Mansehra mountains. Additionally, with straightforward driving, our journey will only take 05 hours. In addition, before heading to Chilas, our final destination, we will stop briefly in Balakot. Getting to the hotel in Chilas Valley would probably take close to 11 hours.

Shangrila Chilas Midway Hotel

Day 02

We continue our Cherry Blossom Hunza Tour from Chilas after a long yet thrilling first day. It’s interesting how touring begins after a little journey to see the majestic Nangaparbat, the world’s ninth-highest peak. Additionally, make a brief stop near the intersection of three mountain ranges. We also arrive in Nagar Valley via the Hunza Gilgit Road and check into the Hotel in Nagar

Diran Hotel Nagar

Day 03

We’re going to Naltar Valley today because it’s an adventure day. The green area of Gilgit Baltistan is Naltar Valley, as you are all aware. Although the 2.5-hour Jeep ride from Nomal to the main Lake in Naltar Valley delivers the most breathtaking vistas, the 44 Jeep Adventure offers the best sights. When it gets dark, we’ll retire to the hotel.

Hotel Diran

Day 04

The journey from Nagar Valley to Hunza is enjoyable. It is a stunning combination to include Nagar and Hunza Valley in a cherry blossom trip. We do not, however, ignore Karimabad’s cultural attractions. We will check into a hotel in renowned Karimabad before visiting the forts. To make our journey even more fascinating, we should visit the forts of Altit and Baltit on the same day.

Hunza Embassy Hotel

Day 05:

When Should I Visit the Well-Known Attabad Lake? Oh, sure! We are going there right now. Visits to Gulmit, Passu Cons, and Attabad Lake are not prohibited by Cherry Blossom. The Hunza Tour Packages include, among other things, a boat trip on the lake. In addition, Husseini Bridge is one of the riskiest hanging bridges, garnering media attention. Full-day trip from the hotel to SOST and return to the hotel in the evening.

Day 06

As we begin our journey home from the Hunza Valley’s Cherry Blossom Land, this will be a long and exhausting day. We plan to leave the hotel at exactly 8:30 a.m. after a delicious breakfast, heading parallel to the 7700-meter-high Rakaposhi Peak for one more look at its glitzy beauty. The Karakorum Highway is noteworthy because it passes through some impressive scenery. It is important to note that even though the route has some hazardous spots, it is still a necessary adventure. Although the scenery is always changing, it takes us 12 hours to arrive in Besham Valley.

Hilton Besham Hotel

Day 07

The final day of the Cherry Blossom Hunza Tour has arrived. As you are aware, we have already seen some of the breathtaking Hunza scenery with its lofty peaks. A lifelong memory will be made of the exceptional hospitality of Hunza & Nagar Valley in Cherry Blossom. After breakfast today, we will drive to Islamabad along a highway that overlooks lush meadows. For the conclusion of the thrilling excursion, we would arrive in Islamabad in 6 hours and drop off at any requested spot.

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