Overview of Sukkur, Rohri


Sukkur, Rohri
It is said that when the Arabs conquered Sindh in the 10th century AD, they encountered a very hot climate here,
which gave the area the name Safar, which means harsh. In the local language, it was corrupted into Sukkur.
Alexander the Great invaded this region in 326 BC before the arrival of the Arabs in 712 AD, the royal family
of Rai ruled the region. Later Umid Khalafs, Ma Soomru, Mughal, Kalhora, Talpur, and other tribes ruled over Sukkur.
Sukkur, the third largest city of Sindh province, is located on the western bank of the Indus River.
The famous Ayub-era Sukkur Barrage is built between Sukkur and Rohri on the Indus River. Adjacent to Ayub
The bridge is the architectural marvel of Lansdowne Bridge. 7 major canals have been taken out from Sukkur
Barrage for irrigation. Among them, Rohri Canal is connected to Panama or Suez Canal. The Sukkur city is located on
GT road while Rohri junction is on the main railway line. Like Islamabad and Rawalpindi, these two cities were also
called twin cities
does Fateh Khan build Jama Masjid in 1564 and Eid Gah built in 1593 are also notable places in Rohri?


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